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Locate DistributorsAlpha workwear by Viz Reflectives N.A. has been committed to protecting workers by providing the most technically advanced, next-generation high visibility garments which far exceeds ANSI’s minimum requirements. 

Alpha garments feature our patented VizLite DT which offers 3 levels of protection:
A typical high visibility garment offers daytime and nighttime visibility - with one flaw. In the day - the bright colored fluorescent fabric keeps users conspicuous. In the night, silver retro-reflective tape kicks in by reflecting light back to its source (car headlights for example).  When no light source is available, both the silver reflective and the fluorescent fabric are invisible. Here's where Alpha WorkWear offers a solution!

Imagine a garment that provides visible confidence to the wearer in all types of light situations. Alpha's patented VizLite DT tape utilizes innovative phosphorescence technology to solve this low-light problem.  As the wearer’s environment becomes “dim” our phosphorescent technology begins to slowly release stored energy that the human eyes sees as a “glow” offering the wearer a new type of visibility.  Our patented formula exceeds ANSI standards for visibility and durability.  We achieve up to 10 times the required wash/wear life of typical high visibility garments.
Alpha's garments offer a level of protection not yet seen in the industrial market. We've worked extensively to develop our patented DT tape and technical fabrics to provide the optimum mix of protection, durability and comfort to deliver best in industry garment performance. 


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