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Viz Reflectives North America Adds Jennifer McCoy to the Team

Jennifer L. McCoy Alpha Workwear and Viz Reflectives NA Shine Brighter with Jennifer McCoy on the Team

If there is anyone you could possibly wish for to be a part of your team in the safety clothing industry, it is Jennifer McCoy. With a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, product management and business development, Jennifer is an executive with an award-winning record of achievement.

As a Vice President of Sales and Marketing at OccuNomix International, LLC from 2006 – 2015 she is instrumental in developing new market opportunities and implementing go-to-market strategies that drive business growth, strong relationship-building, negotiation, communication and project management skills.

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VRNA's First Orders

VRNA's first orders have gone out and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

"I can say that I look for reasons to wear my (Alpha Workwear) vest. It is AWESOME!! I keep the vest in my desk drawer and put it on when I get to my office. After about 15 minutes there is already a “charge” in the phosphorescence part of the vest. The truck drivers that are in and out of my yard LOVE the fact that they can see me even better than with the “standard” class 2 level2 vest. " 1DA Truck Dispatch Supervisor UPS

"Great product with excellent quality. UCM is excited about this new technology and our crew personnel love the fact that we care enough about there safety to invest in such a great product. Awesome product and it's been great working Viz Reflectives NA. I can't wait to get together with some of our competitors and show them this new technology." Safety Director UCM

VRNA Announces First Shipment of Patent-Pending Workwear

January 1, 2016 - Lunenburg, MA – Viz Reflectives North America is excited to announce their US product launch of patent-pending workwear. VRNA’s Vizlite® Dual Technology incorporates both retro-reflectivity and phosphorescence into seven new garments, including a lightweight birds eye tee shirt, a waterproof and breathable rain jacket and pant set as well as four vests in both ANSI Class 2 and 3. This industry-changing technology has been a proven winner in Europe and is now ready for it’s stateside introduction.

Justin Krook, Principal of VRNA describes the experience that led him into a partnership with Europe’s Viz Reflectives. “I was working for my father’s contracting company, where engineers searched for a “green” solution using a "glow" product when light sources were low or non-existent.   After realizing there wasn't a phosphorescent technology bright enough to be seen outdoors and would disappear when exposed to light, I started doing rudimentary R&D in my garage which has turned into the technology that is now known as Vizlite® Dual Technology.” Justin’s background and passion for chemistry, business and invention led him to a "glow" product...further developed with the help of VRUK was a winning formula!

Vizlite® Dual Technology is an ANSI approved combination that was developed to offer innovation into the PPE market and was created to save lives in low to no light source situations. VRNA’s technology features phosphorescent materials that emit light in dark and dimly lit areas improving personal safety. The first of it’s kind – recharges with most types of light, including sunlight, floodlights and ordinary office light fixtures and requires no battery operation or plugs. Typical industries that could benefit include DOT, construction, mining, shipping and distribution, oil and gas, utilities are among the few...truly a "game changer"!

Viz Reflectives wins award for best innovation in clothing textile at the future materials award held in Milan on 16th November.

Viz Reflectives wins award for best innovation in clothing textileThe Future materials awards are organised by the World Textile Information Network (WTiN), publisher of international technical textiles magazine Future Materials, to recognise success in textile innovation and celebrate the essential work of the many businesses which support the industry.

The industry leading awards recognise innovation and achievement right across the technical textiles industry, with 19 dedicated categories providing competition for all end-use sectors for technical textiles as well as materials experts, product developers and designers.

Mandy Hitchinson Viz Reflectives Marketing Manager commented “Viz Reflectives were finalists in three categories ground-breaking partnership development, best innovation – protective textiles and best innovation – textiles for clothing, an achievement to be proud of. We are delighted that we won the innovation in clothing award, especially as we were competing with companies much larger than Viz Reflectives.”

Also present at the awards were Natalie Wilson and Luke Evdemon from Shield360, who have developed a ground breaking new range of high performance PPE clothing featuring photo luminescent technology for the UK and European market. Natalie Wilson European Sales Director at Shield360 said “The judges recognised true innovation that has the potential to improve the safety of workers.”

VRNA'S New Product Sneak Peak at A+A Germany

VRNA will be exhibiting a preview of its new product line at this years A+A show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Firstly, our stand in Hall 11, A76-1, features Nick Rowbottom from Viz UK and Fillipo Radi from Viz Europe, who are both available to meet customers - old and new. Secondly, Viz Reflectives will have a viewing booth situated on the stand of Techniche Europe (Hall 11, E17) to demonstrate the VizLite Dual Technology, the worlds first phosphorescent and reflective tape that is certified to meet EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and set to revolutionize the High Visibility market.

VRNA's new product line for the industrial market in North America is set to launch Q1 2016!

From the Boston Globe



Justin Krook wears a Hi Viz Jacket

By Wendy Killeen


Justin Krook was working for his father’s contracting company when a customer asked about glow-in-the-dark materials.

“There wasn’t anything on the market bright enough to be seen outdoors,” said Krook, 37, of Lunenburg. The Fitchburg State graduate, who majored in business and minored in chemistry, began experimenting with products in his garage. He developed a formula to intensify pigments and their glow, then partnered with a company in the United Kingdom to combine reflective materials and his photoluminescent pigments.

The result was Dual Technology, a patent pending product that is the core of Viz Reflectives North America in Lowell, which was launched in the summer of 2014. We talked with Krook, a principal and technical director of the company, as well as Frank McCabe, vice president of marketing, and Mike Goulette, national sales director.

Q. Market?

 Our initial push is safety products that would further protect workers in industries such as police, fire, road construction, airports, mining, railways, and warehousing.

Q. How is it different than other reflective products?

Traditional safety clothes only make the wearer visible if there is a light source [to cause reflection]. Add our photoluminescent component, which absorbs natural and artificial light and slowly releases energy that is seen by the human eye as a glow, and we have brought something new to the marketplace.

It’s for people working in low-light or no-light situations.

McCabe: The glow piece is the game changer.

Q. Different than other glow-in-the-dark products?

 They aren’t bright enough or don’t last long enough to serve a purpose in this industry. We want to make sure this isn’t looked at as a novelty item; it’s an industrial commercial product.

Q. Products?

 Today there are 20 different garments including safety vests, jackets, pants, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. The product is certified by the American National Standards Institute, which mandates requirements for the industry.

Q. Future?

 The uses are limitless. We are already being approached by companies in the sports apparel, fishing, hunting, camping, and uniform industries.

 We also have a partnership with UMass Lowell to work on forms we can put the technology into and the next generation of products.


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Press Release



March 1, 2015, Lowell, MA  Viz Reflectives North America, a Lowell, MA based technology company, will be presenting to the Association of General Contractors (AGC).  AGC has announced Viz Reflectives North America as their Guest Speaker at this year’s AGC SAFETY COMMITTEE MEETING March 11, in Plantation Fla. "It's an honor being asked to present in front of the most respected safety professionals in the industry" said Justin Krook Principal and Technical Director of VRNA. "To all Members and Safety Professionals...we have a very interesting program for March 11, 2015 on a topic that is crucial to worker safety" said Len Mills of AGC.

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Viz Reflectives North America LAUNCHES

Specialty Technology Company Opens Doors in Massachusetts

January 12, 2015 - Lowell, MA
– Viz Reflectives North America (VRNA) is pleased to announce the launch of their company in North America. A Lowell, MA-based company, VRNA specializes in visually enhancing materials and technical solutions.  VRNA has developed a patent pending photoluminescent technology that absorbs both UV and artificial light and releases the stored energy that is seen by the human eye as a “glow” over several hours.  

“We are very excited to begin operations given the unprecedented “market pull” we are experiencing for our revolutionary new product in North America.
” stated Justin Krook, a principal partner at VRNA.  “Our technology has been in development for several years and we are now pleased to report it is now available in the first generation of its potentially many  forms; Dual Technology.”

Through a strategic partnership with UK-based Viz Reflectives, VRNA is the exclusive North American distributor of
this new Dual Technology system. It combines traditional retro-reflective material and photoluminescent pigments into a single sewn on or heat applied tape product that is designed to offer an extra element of safety in low or no light conditions. Dual Technology meets all international standards such as EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI 107:2010.

The technology will bring a new level of safety to the market giving the wearer extra protection in low light / no light situations.  Dual Technology is ideal for; Mining, Railway, Airports, Road Construction, Warehousing, Utility workers, Police, Fire, EMS and the like.  Garments require no special care when compared to traditional solutions.

Viz Reflectives North America has strategic initiatives to enter numerous markets including public safety, uniforms, leisure apparel and sportswear. In addition to the Dual Technology for safety apparel, VRNA has plans to integrate their photoluminescent compound into a broad array of specialty applications.


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