About Viz Reflectives North America

Viz Reflectives North America

Viz Reflectives North America is a company specializing in visually enhancing materials and products. We have developed and patented a photoluminescent technology that absorb both UV and artificial light and releases the energy slowly that is seen with the human eye as a glow.

Essentially this technology could be used in an endless number of applications and industries. Today, we are focusing on leveraging the safety market and incorporate it in to items as garments vests, jackets and shirts.

Beyond the safety market, we are currently in development to the use of photoluminescence in to a number of compounds that could be used in such products as screen printing and paint.

We are confident we have a revolutionary, game changing technology to offer a wide range of industries and businesses.


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Work WearViz Reflectives North America believes that the current technology of reflective tape needed to evolve to meet the new challenges of our ever changing working environments.

For there are many scenarios in the day time when workers are exposed to low light conditions such has working in large warehouses where in some case the light is low or the workers are moving around in areas where the light is shaded by obstacles.

ISO 20471:2013
and ANSI 107:2010