About VizLite Dual Technology

VizLite Dual Technology

VizLite Dual Technology is a revolutionary new system combining VizLite 20471 Reflective material and photo luminescent pigments into one sew on product that is designed to offer an extra element of visibility to High Vis and none High Vis garments. VizLite Dual Technology meets all international standards such as EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI 107:2010.

The patented technology developed by Viz Reflectives over the last 12 months will bring a new generation of visibility to the market giving the wearer extra protection in low light or in dark areas.

VizLite DT

One of the winning features of this new technology is that it is self-charging, both by day light and artificial light, and holds its charge up to 8 hours. Therefore it requires no power source or maintenance, can be washed as normal without any special conditions, works on demand of the working environment. The new Dual Technology has all these advantages over electro photo luminescent products and at a fraction of the cost.

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Work WearViz Reflectives believes that the current technology of reflective tape needed to evolve to meet the new challenges of our ever changing working environments. For there are many scenarios in the day time when workers are exposed to low light conditions such has working in large warehouses where in some case the light is low or the workers are moving around in areas where the light is shaded by obstacles.

ISO 20471:2013
and ANSI 107:2010